The Kingfish Band

Great Live Music...Period.

Lock In With A Talented Collection of Musicians Who Deliver Great Live Music Performances Each And Every Time They Step On Stage...Period.


Since 2003, The Kingfish Band has performed energized versions of your favorite rock/pop/country songs, and delivered amazing live shows at music venues, festivals, weddings, and special events utilizing various band formats that exceed expectations. 

The band features an accomplished lineup of music industry professionals, collectively boasting five advanced music degrees. Each member brings a unique style and skill set that perfectly blends technical performance and artistic zeal. 

The Kingfish Band prides itself on its diverse catalog, loading each set with your favorite songs! Phrases like, “You play so many different types of music” and “You sound just like the radio” are common responses uttered from newly converted       fans. It’s one thing to emphasize all of these accolades on a website. It’s quite another to experience it in person. Come out and see The Kingfish Band live, and experience “Great Live Music...Period.” 


Steve’s early life was filled with dreams of playing “above the rim.” He grew up in a household dominated by sports, and what Chicago kid who played basketball in the ‘90s didn’t see themselves in a Bulls uniform? Once he hit college, his vision of “life on the hardwoods” began to subside, and he found a new dream: Rock Stardom. Since his first college band in the late ‘90s, Steve has performed on stages around the Midwest. He started The Kingfish Band in 2003 with Joe Howard, a friend from college, and Nathan Niederkorn, his good friend from grade school.

What does Steve bring to the band?  “I know just enough on my guitar to make me dangerous,” he boasts, “and my voice is a gift from my father...but what I really pride myself on is the fact that I’m going to put all kinds of passion into every performance. I truly enjoy entertaining a crowd, and I could not find a better group of musicians with whom to perform.” Aside from being the tangy center that brings all the pieces together, Steve is the first Kingfish out in the crowd meeting the fans. “So I don’t hold a music degree…I learned everything I need to know from "E Street". Besides…what university did The Beatles go to? No, I really don’t know…can someone tell me?”


Jeffrey is a Milwaukee native and has been playing music for over 20 years. He studied guitar at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music in the mid-’90s and has been working the last 15 years at the Hal Leonard Corp., publishing books, DVDs, and online lesson material for guitar, bass and drums. 

Jeff has been a member of several outfits over the past few years, including The Prince Experience. He enjoys few things more than busting out savage riffs on a 6-string for all of the good people of this world.


Jordan Smith is a Chicago-based bassist who is thrilled to be a part of the Kingfish Band! Originally hailing from the beautiful mountains of Lake Tahoe, Nevada, he caught his parents’ love for music at an early age and started playing guitar at age 10 after being exposed to countless genres of music as a kid.  Although he began playing guitar first, he always found himself playing the basslines to his favorite songs on the lower strings of his guitar, so at the age of 12 he saved up enough allowance money to buy a cheap bass and began pursuing it as his main instrument. All through high school, he took upright bass and jazz guitar lessons at the University of Nevada, Reno, before furthering his music education at Columbia College Chicago. He graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Instrumental Performance.

Outside of the Kingfish Band, Jordan is the resident bassist at Windy City Music Theater, Chicago Magazine’s voted best theater of 2016. He also regularly performs original music with his band Glam Camp and reggae covers with the band Flow Theory.  Outside of music, he works mornings as a barista at a coffee shop and loves spending time with his girlfriend and their dog and cat.  He’s an avid reader, writer, and an expert snowboarder who will take every chance he gets to find the perfect stash of fresh powder!


Nathan caught the music bug early, and, after finding no antidote, is thrilled to be an integral part of The Kingfish Band! His early life was filled with music. He got his first taste playing piano at the ripe old age of five, but soon found that he needed more instruments to make himself heard. He spent much of his adolescence playing the saxophone, but always found himself drawn to the guitar. Was it because all his musical idols were in rock bands? Perhaps. Or maybe because he liked the challenge of learning something on his own? Possibly. Most likely it was because he heard his father giving show-stopping performances with his guitar night after night in his living room.

Recently, Nathan completed a Bachelor of Music degree at Columbia College Chicago, and now gives lessons to the next generation of musicians. His greatest love is still performing with The Kingfish Band. “The stage is an amazing place. I love getting in front of those lights and letting go. There’s nothing like the feeling we get from performing well for our fans!”



The original Wisconsin-ite in the band, Becca is a huge Brewers fan and rightfully keeps those Cubs fans in line (A.K.A. 66% of the band). She has been studying piano since she was 5, but had started learning many songs by ear when she was a toddler. She later attended UW-Whitewater where she studied piano, and received her Bachelor of Music degree in 2007.

Her band mates will tell you that, like a toddler, Becca sleeps a lot – which makes her a terrible road trip buddy! When Becca is not performing with the band, she works at Hal Leonard, teaches piano, and follows (who else?!) the Brewers. She also enjoys watching Duck Dynasty in her spare time, and follows Uncle Si’s mantra: “Work Hard, Play Hard, Nap Hard.”


The second true Wisconsin-ite in the group, Brandon enjoys being an active outdoors-man and spending time with his family. Drums entered Brandon's life at the age of 11, after banging his trumpet repeatedly on his bedroom floor so he wouldn't have to practice... "Thanks for understanding, Mom". 

Brandon studied percussion performance and music business at Loyola University New Orleans and graduated with a Bachelor of Music in 2005. After moving home to Milwaukee, he's been gigging consistently with a wide array of groups. Priding himself on "groovemanship" and (contrary to most drummer stereotypes) showing up on time with good hygiene, Brandon couldn't be more excited to be performing with an awesome group of musicians in The Kingfish Band!