The Kingfish Band

Great Live Music...Period.

Live Music Could Be The Second Most Important Decision Made On Your Wedding Day. 

Preparations were made. Vows were taken. Nerves have settled. Photos are snapping. Speeches have concluded. Dinner was served. Joy permeates throughout. Libations and celebrations are on the cusp....and a great live band at your reception could be the closer that takes your day from “AMAZING” to “THE GREATEST WEDDING DAY EVER!”

The Kingfish Band would like to be that band for you!  

Your reception is most likely the biggest celebration you’ll ever prepare. Family and friends from all around will gather to celebrate and support you and your spouse’s vows and commitment to one another. Some have traveled long distances to spend time with you. What better way to enjoy your time together than by dancing the night away with a great live band?



The Kingfish Band boasts an accomplished lineup of music professionals who have been entertaining wedding receptions and ceremonies for years.  However, it is not just the live music. Let’s face it - you have a lot on your plate in preparation for the big day. You want professionals who can assist you in your planning, offer honest advice, and be with you every step of the way. When enlisting The Kingfish Band to entertain your wedding reception, you have the option of so much more than just live entertainment. We offer many additional services and amenities, including: 

* Ceremony Music
      (either performed live or pre-recorded versions)
* Cocktail Hour Entertainment
      (either performed live or pre-recorded versions)
* Dinner Background Music
      (either performed live or pre-recorded versions)
* Master of Ceremonies 
* DJ Music throughout the evening (customized for you)
* Professional-Grade Light Show
* Live Music Sets (customized for you)
* A 3 Fish Entertainment representative to assist in the event planning and coordination of your customized event
* Access to our Special Wedding Vendor Partners who offer services at discounted rates   
The band’s motto is “Great Live Music...Period,” but with all the additional services and expertise that the band affords it’s wedding clients, it should read: “Great Live Music...and a whole lot more.” 

Contact us today to learn more about what The Kingfish Band can do for you and your wedding celebration!